Marc Appleby Mmoved to Los Angeles in 2005 from London, UK.  He is a classically trained British actor.  Marc’s had guest star roles in TV shows on BBC and FOX and roles in several feature films in the US and UK.  He has a command of accents and a Green Card!  Signed by DPN (ex ICM) for voiceover, Ann Soussi for theatrical and Coast to Coast for commercials.

Marc spent 15 successful years on Wall Street in New York and London Marc in 2000, still wearing a suitrunning departments of up to $100 million budget before making his career switch in 2002.  Marc said  :

 “I got bored with playing the part of the staid, be-suited investment banker every day and wanted more variety in the roles that I took!”

So he retired from international banking and following auditions at the UK’s top drama schools threw himself into the Masters in Acting (MFA), one-year, full-time program at London’s top conservatory drama school the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts under the guidance of award winning coaches and directors such as actress Prunella Scales, directors Christopher J. Sandford and Stuart Wood and coaches Jon Mowat, John Wild and Joe Dunlop.

After graduating in 2003 Marc was signed by agent Award and went on to book six independent feature films and guest star roles on a number of British TV shows.  Marc also founded a theatre production company and staged a full-scale musical in London’s West-End in late 2004.  By 2005, keen to broaden and deepen his acting career, Marc moved to Los Angeles.

Marc was born in Scotland in 1967 and grew up in the north of England.  His high school was thousand year old Appleby Grammar School which boasts old-boys that include Dick Whittington, St. John Boste and George Washington’s half-brothers John and Augustine.

In 1990 Marc graduated from the prestigious International Finance School at City University in London with a BS and joined Salomon Brothers on Wall Street, New York.  Marc returned to London in 1991 and for the next 14 years developed a high-flying career that took him all over the world advising almost every big name in global finance.

Although Marc is intensely committed to his acting career and brings a strong work ethic to everything he does, he also finds time to indulge his interests of fine wine, cigars, travel, yoga, sailing, cycling, snowboarding, reading and trading the financial markets.  Marc is a partner in BK-Art an international art dealing business and continues to invest in film and theatre productions around the world.  Marc has a TV sitcom, 5 feature films and a stage play in development.

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