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Blair Silver - August 13, 2007
Marc is now managed by Blair Silver.

TV Interview - August 10, 2007
Marc was interviewed for 'The Method Actor Speaks' which broadcasts at 9pm on Wednesday September 5, 2007 on Time Warner public access channles in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  Check channels 98 (77 Santa Monica, 43 Beverly Hills).  John Solari interviewed.

Agatha Christie's Poirot - August 2, 2007
Marc has just completed voicing several characters on a new video game.

lvarado Rey - August 1, 2007
Marc is now represented both theatrically and for hosting and print by Alvarado Rey.

After playing at the LA International Film Festival and the Prague Film Festival 'Lightbulb' starring Marc Appleby will be shown over the concert weekend and later on HBO, BBC and NBC.

Travel with the Stars - June 14, 2007
Marc is doing an interview with the San Diego Tribune
all about his favourite travel destinations.

Marc Appleby Film Finance LLC - May 1, 2007
Marc incorporated his finance business in California -

1st World-Wide Exposure - May 1, 2007
Marc has signed with
1st World-Wide to handle his publicity.

First Landing Broadcasts - April 30, 2007
ABC Family as part of the 700 Club show.  Various times across the US.  The film will be repeated and theatrical and DVD releases are being negotiated.

Lady Von Dutch in Hollywood - April 27, 2007
Marc was a VIP Red Carpet guest at the Lady Von Dutch fashion show at Club Cabana in Hollywood.  You can see pictures of Marc and the other celebrities at

Dead Reefs, Again - April 23, 2007
Marc was back in the voice-booth recording more story lines for this soon-to-be-released video game.

Screen Actors Guild - April 20, 2007
Marc is now eligible to join SAG.

Live Earth Concerts 7/7/07 - April 20, 2007
Marc just completed the narration on a short-film with no other speaking parts.  This is a mock PSA created to support the Live Earth concerts.

Margie Haber - April 5, 2007
Marc has started in Margie's famed class.  Recent alumni include Rachel Stevens

NBC Mundos2 - March 19, 2007
Marc has just accepted bookings as a regular reporter for the rest of 2007.

The Bonny Boys - March 12, 2007
Marc is in discussions to take a principal role in this US$7.5m feature film.

Acting Reel, 1 minute version - Feb 23, 2007
See Marc's NEW 1 min acting reel here.

Sin City Diaries - Feb 21, 2007
Marc has completed shooting in 2 episodes of HBO's new show.  It starts broadcast in July 2007.  Watch for updates.

Training Video - Feb 16, 2007
Marc has just booked a role in a training video for Learningtree International.

New Acting Reel - Feb 15, 2007
Marc's new acting reel (5m 09s) is now available here.

Sin City Diaries Shoot Update - Jan 15, 2007
Shooting has been slipped by a week and now starts Jan 23 in Las Vegas.

Marc books 'Sin City Diaries' - Dec 21, 2006
Marc has just booked HBO/Cinemax's acclaimed 'Sin City Diaries' as the billionaire casino owner, 'Anthony'.  Typecasting, or what?  Shooting starts January 15 in Las Vegas.

Videos Updated - Dec 7, 2006
See the clean new videos now hosted on YouTube.  Just click on the VIDEO & VOICE GALLERY header above.

Ivana Chubbuck - Dec 3, 2007
Marc has started Ivana Chubbuck's
Advanced Class.  Ivana has coached Oscar winner Halle Berry as well as Brad Pitt and many other leading actors.

Cartoon Network Sketch Show - Nov 30, 2006
Marc just filmed a comedy sketch for a new show on the Cartoon Network broadcasting March 2007.

NBC's Mun2 Channel - Nov 8, 2006
Marc has been booked as a regular host on new digital TV channel Mun2 (

First Landing ADR - Oct 23, 2006
Marc has been working on ADR (voice-dubbing and additional characters) for First Landing.

Fox-Hunt pitched - Oct 22, 2006
Marc met with 4 producers and a manager at the 2006 Los Angeles Screenwriters Expo.  The sit-com was well received.

Coast to Coast commercial representation - Oct 17, 2006
Marc is now repped by busy commercial agency Coast to Coast on 323-845-9200.

Capt. James Riley - Oct 5, 2006
Marc provided the voiceover for Capt. Riley who was ship-wrecked on the coast of north Africa in 1815 in the History Channel production "Skeletons on the Sahara" broadcasting October 28, 2006.

Marc Books Major Voiceover Project - Sept 15, 2006
Marc has today been booked to play the lead character in a major new video game.  Recording takes place next week.

Los Angeles - Sept 10, 2006
Marc's back in LA and auditioning (2 auditions in 3 days).

Museum in Docklands - Sept 1, 2006
Marc met with curators at the Museum to discuss giving a speech in London on Capt. Chris Newport (who Marc played in 'First Landing') in February 2007.

London - August 10, 2006
Marc is currently in London for press interviews and meetings to discuss 'First Landing' and future projects in the UK and US.  Bolton Management are receiving email and calls as normal - see the Contact page.

'First Landing' Wraps - August 5, 2006
To a round of applause and a lots of hugs, 'First Landing' wrapped the final shots on Saturday August 5 in a studio in Virginia.

'Book of the Dead' Broadcasts August 22 on History Channel - August 2, 2006
See Marc as the 19th French Egyptologist 'Eugene Grebault' who worked to acquire artefacts for Parisian museums.  Grebault battles his English nemesis throughout the show!

Closing Scenes of 'First Landing' Now Being Shot - August 2, 2006
Marc is in the final week of shooting in Virginia.  He was interviewed recently for the 'Making Of' video which will be broadcast with the movie in 2007 on ABC (and possibly the History Channel) as part of the 400 year anniversary of the founding of Virginia.

'Dead Rising' web viral now playing - July 31, 2006
Watch this brilliant little video starring Marc as 'Thurston Foreblood' the intrepid reporter by following the link and clicking through to the page.  Note that you must be over 18 to watch this video as the XBox game has some scenes of violence (Zombie beating!) that can be accessed at this link :  Enjoy!

Now Shooting 'First Landing' - July 3, 2006
Marc is now in Virginia aboard ship  shooting the on-board scenes of the first crossing from England to settle Jamestown in 1607.  As an experienced sailor and skipper Marc is thrilled to be playing Admiral Christopher Newport who hails from Limehouse an area of London that Marc considers home.

Capt. Chris Newport in 'First Landing' - June 21, 2006
Marc has booked the lead role of Capt. Newport commander of the English vessel that brought the founders to Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.  He's very excited about having his Russell Crowe 'Master & Commander' moment on the poop deck yelling at the crew!  Principle filming is at sea and then on land in Virginia for 4 weeks.

In Negotiation for Feature Film - June 18, 2006
Bolton Management is in negotiation for Marc to take the lead role of an arrogant Doctor in a high-profile independent film shooting this summer in Big Bear and studios in Burbank.  More news soon.

Thurston Foreblood web viral - June 15, 2006
Marc films 3 days as a manic newsman reporting on a zombie invasion in middle-America in this hilarious, cutting edge web-viral that promotes an exciting new video game.

Marc in 'US Weekly' - June 8, 2006
Marc and Ashlee Simpson appear in national magazine 'US Weekly'.

The Blog is Back - June 6, 2006
After a little gap (ahem) Marc's Blog
is back.  He's promising that while the articles will be shorter (and sweeter) than before with more photos, he'll write something every few days.  So no more long gaps.  Promises, promises ...

Booking Ratio Hits 44% in May 2006 - June 5, 2006
Marc's "booking ratio" (ratio of bookings to auditions) hit 44% in May 2006 with 4 out of 9 jobs booked.

Clipse's "Mr Me Too" Video - May 27, 2006
Marc plays wicked Record Producer refusing to give Farrell of rap duo Clipse a contract.  "Who the fuck is Farrell?"  We'll see how much makes it to the final cut!

Ashlee Simpson's "Invisible" Video - May 23, 2006
Marc plays a boxing referee keeping order as Ashlee Simpson and Lucy Steele slug it out in this fabulous new video.  Watch out for it on MTV and VH1 from June 2006 onwards.

Change of Representation - May 22, 2006
Marc is now represented for all theatrical and commercial in the US by Ann Soussi at Hilltop Talent on 310 727 2642

Francesco Vezzoli Mockumentary opens at Tate Modern, London on 2 June - May 17, 2006
Marc stars as himself playing a publicist who comments on Francesco Vezzoli's penchant for using celebs in his work.  The movie will show at the Tate Modern Museum on London's Southbank from 2 June 2006.

Directing Voiceover - April 30, 2006
Marc is currently directing the British English section of a very large voiceover project for a major motor car maker.

History Channel at 6pm (PT) Sunday April 9
As part of the History Channel's landmark series 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, you can see Marc in the first show 'Massacre at Mystic' as Capt. John Grant in California at 6pm on Sunday April 9, 2006.

On the Radio in Los Angeles on Free FM 97.1 - March 15, 2006
Marc made a brief appearance on Free FM's Tim Conway Jr. show last night discussing how a new writer/actor gets his work into production.

Japanese College Voiceover - March 14, 2006
Marc is the now the male Standard English voice of one of Japan's premier language schools following a recording session yesterday.

Fox-Hunt Marketing - March 9, 2006
After months of work, 4 re-writes and a table read in late February 'Hollywood Fox-Hunt', Marc's exciting sitcom project, is entering the sales cycle.  A comprehensive package of pilot script, 13-show series storylines, character breakdowns, genre and format information is available to qualifying organisations and individuals on request to Bolton Management at 323 377 2420.

Feature Films Portfolio - March 5, 2006
Marc has completed outline treatments on his feature films 'Faith', 'Manhattan Beach', 'Trooper', 'Illuminati', 'Three Wednesdays' and 'Wall Street 2'.  These are available on request to qualifying organisations and individuals on request to Bolton Management at 323 377 2420.

'Cultural Difference' in Development - Feb 28, 2006
Marc's hilarious 2-man tragi-comedy for stage is now in development.  It will be staged in Los Angeles later in 2006 with Marc in the lead.

Carolyne Barry - Feb 25, 2006
Marc is taking Carolyne's highly regarded Intermediate Commercials class. 

Naked Deception Feature Film - Feb 20, 2006
The producers have indicated that a feature film of the hit show staring Marc will be developed this year.  Marc is penciled to appear as 'Howard'.

Naked Deception Ends Hit Run - Feb 19, 2006
All 21 shows sold-out and it will re-open in April 2006 in a bigger theatre.

Knights Templar - Jan 16, 2006
Marc has just completed ADR work on this feature film for the National Geographic channel successfully changing 5 Americans into a French King, Torturer and two knights and an English knight by giving them sexy new accents!

Naked Deception a Huge Hit - Jan 8, 2006
A fully sold-out opening weekend has been followed by being chosen as one of the picks of the next 2-weeks in Los Angeles by Frontiers Magazine.  We wait with bated breath to see what the LA Times and LA Weekly have to say about us!!

Fox-Hunt - Dec 29, 2005
Written by and starring Marc as 'Hugh Fox-Hunt'  in this hilarious new sit-com.  The pilot episode "Up the Creek" is currently being reviewed by a team of 'script consultants'.  A Director has been attached.

Bobbie Chance - Dec 18, 2005
Marc has auditioned for and been accepted into Bobbie's academy,
Expressions Unlimited.  Bobbie's acting school is probably the most exciting and highly acclaimed in Los Angeles today and Marc is thrilled to be there following in the footsteps of Anthony Hopkins, Richard Dreyfuss, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Kathy Bates amongst many others.

Naked Deception Ready to Open - Dec 16, 2005
After weeks of sweat, toil and laughs in rehearsal the show is on track to open on Jan 6th, 2005.  This is going to be one of the best and funniest shows Marc has done so take advantage now of the
special 1/2 price ticket offer.

Veronika - Dec 14, 2005
Marc has just booked the role of the Psychiatrist in the short film Veronika by Offset Productions.  Shooting January 2006 the Psychiatrist interviews a traumatised girl.

Money - Nov 24, 2005
Marc has just recorded the voiceover for a documentary about psychologist Dr Kevin Money an international business guru.  Marc is also playing a conference audience member for the documentary produced by
Arclight Entertainment.

Naked Deception - Marc Books Role of Howard - Nov 4, 2005
Marc has just booked the lead role of 'Howard' in the hilarious new rapid-fire comedy - Naked Deception - a sort of cross between Noel Coward's 'Private Lives' and hit TV show 'Desperate Housewives'.  This is the 10th show by highly successful
VanderHart Productions and opens on Friday January 6th, 2006 at The Studio, 520 N. Western Av, Hollywood.  Marc is currently in rehearsal.  Watch for marketing across Los Angeles and ticket sales information!

Acting Demoreel Now Online - Oct 28, 2005
Marc's 1 minute acting demoreel is finally up on the
Video & Voice Gallery page.

Bennet the Boss - Oct 17, 2005
Marc has just been booked to play Bennet in the play 'Holiday' at

The Next Stage
1523 N. La Brea
Second Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028

Every Friday  evening at 7.30pm November 11 - December 2.

Showcase - Oct 7, 2005
With tickets going well, please call Bolton Management on 323 377 2420 as soon as possible if you'd like to attend.  Qualified industry guests.

Seeking LA Theatrical Representation - Sept 22, 2005
Marc is currently seeking theatrical representation in Los Angeles to complement his voiceover and commercial representation.  Enquiries through Bolton Management on 323 377 2420

Headless - Sept 16, 2005
Marc has just completed a short run playing 'Biff' and 'Ray' in the hilarious short play 'Brothers' in which Biff snares a slow-witted country girl for his headless brother Ray.  Yes, you read that correctly ...

New Headshots - Sept 12, 2005
Across this redesigned website you'll find Marc's new headshot and other pictures taken in September 2005.  Gorgeous, ain't he?

Book of the Dead - Aug 19, 2005
Marc took the lead role of M. Eugene Grebault the French Eqyptologist in this History Channel 2 hour feature film set in 1887 Cairo.

Demoreel - Aug 18, 2005
A newly edited 1 minute version of Marc's film & TV reel is on the Video & Audio page.  The DVD (NTSC, US region and PC) is available on request from Bolton Management on 323 377 2420.

Cruise Line Voiceover - Aug 14, 2005
If you're cruising the Caribbean anytime soon you might hear Marc providing the Welcome Aboard of Safety Briefing on the ships of a certain cruise line.

Public Speaking  - Aug 11, 2005
Productions Plus signed Marc for US and international live events.  Call 310 324 5544 and speak to Hedy.

Massacre at Mystic - July 24, 2005
Marc recently shot "Massacre at Mystic" set in the Connecticut of 1637 in the lead role of Capt. John Mason who led the English colonists against the Pequot tribe.  Directed by Oscar winner James Moll, the show will air in the US in February 2006 as part of the series "10 Days that Changed America".  It will air internationally later in 2006.  Click here to watch Marc behind the scenes.

US Accent - July 18, 2005
Marc's great with British accents and now he's added Standard American to his repertoire by working with Bob Corfe and Dr David H. Stern.

Chronic - July 3, 2005
Marc recently narrated the film '
Chronic' in Los Angeles.  This hilarious little comedy gave Marc the chance to use his range of animation voices.  It will screen in July 2005 in Los Angeles before moving on to the festival circuit.